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The Eugene Active 20/30 Foundation is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that provide assistance and services to the children of the Lane County, Oregon region. Founded in 1997, the Foundation, a 501 (c)(3), is closely allied with the Eugene Active 20-30 Club, which was founded in 1927. The Foundation currently employs one professional fundraiser, the Buzzsaw Ball.

Since its inception in 1997, and in addition to all of the funds donated by the Eugene Active 20-30 Club, the Foundation has provided grants totaling over $100,000 to special needs children. The main projects that have contributed to the Foundation are House for Kids, Golf Marathon, Oscar Sunday and the Buzzsaw Ball.

The Foundation’s 10 member independent Board of Directors has the sole authority to guide the foundation with two objectives in mind: 1) support child welfare in the community on a current basis and 2) develop the financial resources to ensure a stable source of funding for the child welfare efforts in the future. The Foundation and its Board’s alliance with the Eugene Active 20-30 Club ensures that it will always be able to tap into the dynamic and vibrant core of Eugene’s up and coming civic leaders.

Board of Directors

President – Michelle Saunders
Vice President – Sheila Cox
Treasurer – Lee Anne Brockelman
Secretary – LaVena Nohrenberg
Director – Tenille Woodward
Director – Denise Wilkinson Stephens
Director – Dan Ertel
Director – Kate Salyers
Director – Rogelio Cassol
Director – Brian Jones
Director – Jesse Howes
Director – Liesl McLean
Club Liaison – Tyson Woodard

Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year, the Eugene Active 20-30 Club Foundation accepts nominations of past active members to receive the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award”. This honor is bestowed upon members for accomplishments while an active member, and continued support of the club after achieving past active status. Accomplishments include the past member’s attendance, project participation, fellowship, awards received, and/or board participation on local, national, international, and world levels.

Nominations for the 2018  Lifetime Achievement Award recipient can be entered for consideration using the form linked below. Completed forms should be submitted to the LAA Committee chair; contact information can be found on the form. The submission deadline is November 30, 2017.

Past Recipients

2017 – The Koke Family

2016 – Mike Boring

2015 – Terry Dotson

2014 – Gene Gustafson

2013 – Wayne Musgrove

2012 – Tucker Davies

2011 – Mike Nohrenberg

Fundraising Events

To donate directly to the Eugene Active 20-30 Foundation, please input your dollar amount below and click the Red Donate button below. You will then be taken to a page to input your payment details.

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