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The Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) is presented annually to a Past-Active member of the Active 20-30 Club of Eugene for accomplishments while a member of the club and their continued support after achieving Past-Active Status. Accomplishments include the past members attendance, project participation, fellowship, awards received, and/or board participation on local, national, international and world levels.

Who is Eligible:
Any Past-Active Member of the Active 20-30 Club of Eugene #920.
Nomination Requirements: A letter addressing the committee OR the Nomination Submission form including name, year joined, year went Past-Active, board positions held (including years), awards received, other accomplishments, and any involvement since going Past-Active.

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2017

Current Committee:
The LAA Award Committee selects the nominee in each year’s applicant pool whose lifetime achievements (projects, attendances, fellowship) have made the greatest contributions to Active 20-30 US and Canada, Active 20-30 International, and/or World Council of Service Clubs.

Committee Deliberation:
Nominees are considered based off information provided in the nomination letter or submission. Each area will be broken down and tallied for each individual. Additional information may be required either by person submitting nominee or calls to other Past Active Members.

Committee Composition:
One Chair and two members.

Committee Chair/Members and End Term:
LeeAnne Brockelman, Liesl McLean, LaVena Nohrenberg

Committee Chair Contact Information:
LeeAnne Brockelman – [email protected], 541-870-1214 cell

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